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Fresh Wipe - 20 Ianuarie 2023 ora 19:00 - Season 2

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20 Ianuarie, 2023 - 19:00 (GMT+2)


Server-ul care este online momentan va fi inchis Miercuri pentru preparatii. Am adaugat comanda /zen si crescut XP pentru a se testa si hartile de level mare pana atunci. Pagina de Live Support este inchisa si de acum incolo pentru probleme tehnice va rugam sa deschideti un topic pe forum. Urmeaza sa actualizam si pagina de guides ca sa fie in concordanta cu modificarile aduse.


Server version: Season2 - Progressive

Server rates: x5 to x1

Database Wipe: Never

Maximum Reset: No limit

Maximum window per HWID: 5

Characters in game: Elf, Dark Wizard, Dark Knight, Dark Lord, Magic Gladiator.

Server Currencies: Zen, Silver, Gold.

     Zen:Pick up in game, used for resets and many others.

     Silver: Obtained from bosses, invasions and events.

     Gold: Only purchased in shop.

Guild creation: Level 150.

     Maximum players in guild: 30/35.

     Maximum alliance: 3

Reset: Keep Stats

Castle Siege: Weekly


Offstore: Enabled

Helper: Enabled

Party Search: Enabled

Items Market Search: Enabled

Minimap: Enabled

Party Bonus Exp: Enabled

Special Jewel: Disabled

Seal/Exp Bonus: Disabled

Generated/Modified Items: Disabled

VIP Map/SubServer: Disabled

Offattack: Disabled

 🔥 Custom Commands

🔥 Updated Interface

🔥 Automated Events

🔥 Active Maintenance & Development


Current Active Events:
Blood Castle
Devil Square
Chaos Castle
Loren Deep
Kanturu Maya
Battle Royale
Team vs Team
PVP Championship
Castle Siege
Regular GM Events


PBX4Fmu.pngWEBSITE: https://mu.linkmania.ro
5Ryb399.pngFORUM: https://linkmania.ro/

cUZUuQ0.pngGUIDES: https://mu.linkmania.ro/guides/
r5BTXuz.png DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Linkmania


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Donatiile vor fi oprite pentru primele 7 zile de joc pana in data de 27 Ianuarie. In acest timp toti jucatorii vor putea crea caractere speciale (DL/MG) la level 1

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