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  1. Nu am pus acest skin pentru ca are un mers ciudat si nu e ok!
  2. Da ma, hai sa facem un roleplay
  3. E greu modul asta de roleplay, mai ales in Prison. Multi de pe rpg se mira, cum ma doar in puscarie e acțiunea? Doar in puscarie, da. Daca ar stii ei ce roleplay poti sa faci acolo, poate cel mai frumos roleplay Dorm
  4. Daca am avea playeri pe roleplay si sa stie macar rp-ul de baza, ar iesi ceva super
  5. 13 ani, 7 luni, 5 zile, 17 ore și 36 minute
  6. The Barrio Azteca (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈbar-rio asˈteka]), or Los Aztecas (pronounced [los asˈtekas]), is a Mexican-American gang originally based in El Paso, Texas. The gang was formed in the jails of El Paso in 1986 and expanded into a transnational criminal organization. They are currently one of the most violent gangs in the United States and are said to have over 3,000 members in the U.S. in locations such as New Mexico, Texas, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania and at least 5,000 members in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The Barrio Azteca gang was formed in the jails of El Paso in 1986 and gained an image of being a tough and loyal gang willing to commit murder of civilians in order to keep fear in the minds of its members and ensure their loyalty/obedience. Some believe that the growth of Barrio Azteca in Mexico is due to the area's distinctive cross-border nature. The area of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez is in many ways one community, with families, friends, businesses – and even gangs – joined in the same urban sprawl. Some illegal Mexicans arrested in the United States are imprisoned in Texan prisons and consequently join Barrio Azteca. When they are absolved from their sentences, they are sent back across the border into Mexico, where they quickly join the gang's ranks and carry out a number of crimes. Credits.
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