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De vanzare pentru toti! iteme bune! lk dd ref lk dd

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Legendary helm lk dd ref+13

pants lk ref dd +13 

boots dd ref +9

gloves lk dd hp+13

armor lk dd hp +13 28 add


Great dragon Armor lk ref hp+13

Boots lk ref hp +13


Rune Blade lk edr +13


Valiant set +9


Armor dsr

Pants ref

boots ref

gloves dd


Dark master pants dd ref


Ashcrow set +9 armor dsr restul dd!



Bronze pants boots gloves lk dd +13


Lord scepter lk edr


Tomahawk  LK 2% +13


Pad armor lk ref

helm dd

boots ref/lk dd dsr 


pendant edr hp 3%

ring ref inc hp +4 % hp rec 2% x 2/ref hp rec 2% x 4 


Horn shield dd ref +11


23 Hrs


Scale armor lk dd/gloves lk dd+9


Great lord scepter lk edr



Caut: leather items lk dd ref +0 +9 +13

Bronze items lk ref dd +0 9 13

Kundum staff lk edr 2% +13


sod lk edr 2% bk wings ign +13


 Gs boots lk dd ref +13/pants lk dd ref +13


oferte bok+1 in special si +5




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