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Aion Online

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Aion Online

Site oficial: http://uk.aiononline.com/


In the beginning, Aion benevolently watched over his world Atreia. He created the humans, and the Balaur to safeguard and watch over them. Eventually, the Balaur became obsessed with power and subjugation. Five of the Balaur rose to a height of strength above the rest, and became known as the five Dragon Lords. When Aion refused to grant them the power they desired, the power to rival his own, they revolted and declared war on the god that created them. Aion's hand was forced, and he created the twelve Empyrean Lords, beings of divinity and power to protect the Tower of Eternity.

Some humans "ascended" to become Daeva and, like the Empyrean Lords, had wings and the ability to fight the Balaur. With time, enough Daevas rose to form an army. The Empyrean Lords would lead the Daeva into battle and fight ceaselessly. Eventually an attempt at peace with the Balaur was made. The five Dragon Lords were invited inside the barrier for peace talks, but before the peace-talks could begin, one of the Dragon Lords was slain by an unknown assailant. In the fighting that followed, the Tower of Eternity was destroyed, resulting in the cataclysm broke Atreia in half. Those Empyrean Lords who opposed peace came to power in the dark part of the world, and became known as the Shedim Lords. Those who had desired peace became the Seraphim Lords and ruled over the lower half of Atreia.

Those that lived in the light part of the world, the Elyos, saw little change. These followers of the Seraphim Lords created the city of Sanctum. The inhabitants of the upper part, the Asmodians, saw many changes. Their hands became claw-like, their feet became talons. The darkness made their complexion deepen, and their eyes grew red adapting to the absence of light. They live in the city of Pandaemonium under the rule of the Shedim Lords.

Players begin the game as human inhabitants of their chosen world (Elysea or Asmodae) who are basic mercenaries/raiders, given small tasks to accomplish. Through completing these tasks increasing in magnitude, preventing the Balaur from being summoned to the beginning zone, they "ascend" as winged, immortal Daevas. Characters then travel their respective capital cities to begin their new lives as holy servants of their respective people. The story and tone of the game differ between the worlds, as do the landscapes and characters one encounters; however the basic linear progression is the same.

Screenshots & Wallpapers:


Trailer & Gameplay:


System requirements

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 (32- & 64-bit supported)

CPU: Pentium Dual Core, AMD Athlon 64 X2


VIDEO: GeForce 7600, Radeon HD 2600


DirectX 9.0c(2008,6)


* Best MMORPG, 2009 RPGLand.com RPGs of the Year 2009

* Best New Game, 2009 MMORPG.com 2009 Awards

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probail vor face ca si cei cu 2moons......Just patiently wait

Nu chiar. baietii de la NCsoft se ocupa. Aceasi care scot Tabula Rasha si Guild Wars 1-2, Lineage 1-2-3. NCsoft se cam tine de cuvant. E firma mare si sunt si producatori. Acclaimu e doar publisher.

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Cine vrea poate sa gaseasca mai multe detalii aici in interviuri luate la NCsoft, si afisate pe http://www.thisisgame.com/aion2/main.php , de unde au fost traduse.

Q. AION is the third game developed by NCsoft following Lineage and Lineage2. We could easily say that the first two games set the pace for (Korean) online gaming. What do you hope to accomplish with AION?

A. The Lineage series will be receiving its own sequel, Lineage3. We?re hoping to develop AION as another mega-brand separate from the Lineage series.

Q. Wouldn?t AION compete with Lineage2 for the same playerbase? What kind of gamers are you looking to target with AION?

A. Both games target MMORPG players, of course, but we?re paying more attention to the interests of casual users for AION.

Q. How many people do you have working on AION?

A. We have about 100 developers on AION right now. Amongst these are NCsoft?s core developers that have been dedicating themselves to the project for 2 years.

Q. I understand that CryEngine was built for a FPS game. Did you have any trouble adapting it to a MMO game? Why did you decide to use Crytek?s engine in the first place?

A. We had to make quite a bit of changes to the core of the engine to customize it for a MMORPG. We chose it because it?s exceptionally good at expressing varieties of flora.

Q. You mentioned that the key word for AION is ?interaction?. What do you mean by that?

A. I realize the word is very broad and easy to misinterpret. What I mean essentially is that parts of the game have significant effects on others. The user has an effect on the environment, and the environment affects back. A simple example is the economy. AION will feature a user-driven economy - items that are not in demand will go down in price, and mobs that are farmed because of prized drops will get stronger over time. This is just a tiny part of what I would like to express, but unfortunately it?s still too early to reveal too much.

Q. Are there skills that are not essentially for combat? Like tradeskills?

A. We?re planning for about 10 trades professions in all. Tradeskills are very much separate from regular character leveling. Dedicated crafters will find themselves admired in an economic sense. There?s a variety of content planned outside of leveling and tradeskilling. It will definitely not be a game where all you do is hunt mobs and level.

Q. What?s the party system like in AION? Will there be raid groups like in WoW?

A. There are party-specific skills to be used in parties, and there?s also something we call a ?formation system?. Raid groups will also have innovative features that are not currently found in other games.

Q. What are dungeons like in AION? Are there instanced dungeons for raiding, for example?

A. There are 3 kinds of dungeons. The first kind is the regular one. This was previewed at E3 ? we call these ?themed dungeon?s. The second are instanced dungeons made for single and multiple parties, which feature instance bosses. The third kind are unique to AION, called ?The Abyss?. It?s where PvP, PvE and RvR types of gameplay come together.

Source: Thisisgame.com

Q. Is Aion?s world seamless or zoned?

A. The world is zoned and there are several transportation methods available including walking and on mounts. The loading speed between zones is still in tuning but even at this point it?s very short. We?re working to get the loading times much shorter to improve the gaming experience.

Q. Will there be player housing?

A. This is something that?s still in early development but yes. Players will be able to own a house and decorate it. There will be guild housing as well. Having these houses out on the hunting fields might result in a land shortage so we?re working on coming up with solutions for this.

Q. Can you give us an overview of the class system in Aion?

A. A beginning player will be able to choose between 4 classes: Warrior, Wizard, Ranger, Healer. These classes will later branch out to 8 specialized classes. They may branch out even further later on.

Q. Can players player-kill characters of their own race?

A. They can duel or fight in the arena but there will be no player killing within the same race.

Source: Thisisgame.com

Q. What aspect of the game have you guys been focusing your efforts on lately?

A. We've been working hard on the aerial combat feature. Iit's evolving into a central feature of Aion.

Q. Please explain the unique feature's of Aion's world.

A. The world of Aion resembles a hollowed sphere that's divided into two halves. The lower half is the world of the "Chun" (Angels), the upper half is the world of the "Ma"(Demons). The two territories face each other vertically so that they end up forming each others' skies.

In between the two masses of land is a void called the 'Abyss' which will house various floating dungeons and RvR instances. Much of the PvP will take place here.

Q. What?s free flight like in Aion?

A. I don?t have specifics yet. Free-flight isn?t a new concept in MMOs. ?Shadowbane? and ?City of Heroes? for example both had free flight - but we?re aiming for a different feel in Aion. Players will not be able to fly freely in all zones. Some areas will prohibit free flight for balancing issues.

Free flight will be one of the most important skills for players to learn, but it won?t be limited to high-end players. It will be available quite early in the game.

Q. There was a lot of talk (in Korea) about the character design.

A. Since the show at E3, there were some complaints that the characters looked too westernized. This is because we specifically chose those skins for the international market. The client previewed in Korea will be different. That doesn?t mean they will be in an asian style, specifically. We?re looking for a good balance between the cultural preferences.

The characters in Aion will be defined by the various classes within the 2 races. They will be identified by class based on their equipment and by their initial customization. The options for customization will be widely varied. We?re also working on a variety of emotes.

Q. Tell us about the 3rd race - the Dragons.

A. The dragons are not a playable race. They are a third force that acts as a balance between Angels and Demons. Players will mostly see them in the ?Abyss? which is also where most of the RvR will take place.

An example of their capabilities is say, during a castle siege. If the Demons are attacking a Angels-controlled castle, the Dragons may decide to get in the way by attacking the Demons from behind and sometimes the Dragons themselves may take the castle. So they really aren?t a basic NPC race. They are a true 3rd faction with their own motives.

Q. I would like to hear more about the Interactive System that was mentioned in the past.

A. As it was said in E3, by interaction we mean that the players and the environment will affect each other in meaningful ways.

For example, lets say the Demons tend to mine more than the Angels. That tendency may cause a new ore to appear ingame for the Demons. This ore will be used to create superior items that only Demons will possess. On the otherhand, lets say the Angels concentrated on hunting mobs - baby dragons for example. At some point when enough baby dragons are hunted a bigger mother dragon might spawn and drop different items. These are two examples of the kind of adventures that can be had under the term ?Interactive system?.

Q. MMORPGs tend to require a lot of grind. Will this be the case for Aion?

A. From the beginning we were determined to avoid ?number grinding?. This is one reason why we didn?t put too much focus on a honor system. You will not be seeing systems where you'd have to do 100 quests or kill 1000 mobs to get up the ladder in Aion.

Q. You had said that closed beta will occur by the end of the year. Does that still hold?

A. It looks like we will be able to start opening up the game for a closed beta this winter. We?ll start with friends and family members first and go from there. Further announcements on the beta will be made at Gstar (Korean Gaming Industry Expo).

Source: Thisisgame.com

daca tot mai aveti rabdare sa cititi puteti s/o faceti aici: :readthis:






Probabil este urmatorul joc ce va fi scos dupa ce termina treaba la Tabula Rasa. Sa auzim de bine

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Hm, se pare ca voi nu stiti nimic de NCsoft si jocurile scoase de ei.

Am fost close beta tester la primu Guild Wars, characterele l-a inceput se miscau in reluare (sau cum le zic romanii -haotic) si dupa 2 saptamani, cine a mai fost cbt si-si aminteste, se miscau cum se misca si acum.

In al doilea rand poate ati observat ca majoritatea filmuletelor au si 10-11 luni vechime, iar dupa cum am spus close beta e fixat dupa octombrie ca sa nu mai zic de release care foarte probabil e in 2008 Q1-2.

NCsoft e acelasi producator al Guild Wars 1-2, Lineage 1-2-3, s.a, asa ca nu poti sa zici ca sa se misca mai rau de cat ce au creat pana acum.

Ultimu filmulet de prezentare a gameplayului si a catorva skiluri e asta:


Macar uitati-va si realizati dimensiunea unei harti (3:10-3:20) pare interminabila cu un efect visual destul de real (daca skiluri imbunatatite ca ex. knockdown cu hack and slash - ca in Rakionand nu vedeti -).

Jocu contine cateva zeci de milioane de nuante, din cauza asta au si sugerat nvidia 7+, 2 giga ddr3, proc 3 giga+, engine-u folosit e ultimu Crytek (asa ca nu seamana cu nici-o chinezarie de duzina gen silkroad)

Aion suporta pvpve intre guilduri , rase si realmuri, daca nu ati citit. Fiecare quest e legat de storyline (nu de genu -du-te si culege-mi 5 ciuperci ca mi-e foame- si gata xp-u), cum se gasesc in majoritatea jocurilor.

Daca au dezvoltat o grafica atat de avansata si au experienta Li-GW, ati putea sa fiti sigur macar ca nu scot cine stie ce copilarie. Numai pt. partea de creatie a Aion-ului NCsoft foloseste de peste 3 ani mai mult de 100 persoane.

Uite cum e descris jocu si de altii:

Aion™ is the most visually stunning MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) ever made. Cutting-edge graphics redefine your expectations of online role-playing and reveal a true fantasy world where divine beings wage a war that will determine the future of the world.

Aion™ delivers a new level of graphical detail and world interactivity. Climb sheer cliffs, fly through moving clouds, see water ripple from the downdraft of your own powerful wings and leap gaping chasms. A supremely powerful graphical engine brings the world of your fantasies to life like never before.


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Jocul il astept de mult , cel putin de incercat ca de joc constant nu pot . Va spun eu din surse destul de sigure ca va fi demential , cerintele nu sunt degeaba , citez pe cineva:

It will blow your mind away

Dar cine stie , poate va fi un esec . Oricum engine-ul Crytek va pune destule jocuri in top , asta e sigur .

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Guest Valkyrie

Poti sa te bati in timp ce zbori,spre deosebire de WoW.Bine,in WoW e mai misto,ca zboara vacile(Taurenii) si caprele(Dreneii).Au si proiectile...balegă si căcăreze.Obidan asta compara cu WoW tot ce apare nou.Asa e mah,toate sunt si in WoW ca la ce grafica de 2 lei are,isi permit sa implementeze de toate.Ca tot jalnic ramane,asta e partea a doua.Stunul arata jalnic,huh? Tare ala din WoW,are niste efecte de te da cu retina de asfalt,mie-mi spui...

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Ce sa-i faci Nvidia 7+, 2 giga ddr3, proc 3 giga+, aia deafar deja folosesc din 2005 compuri deastea. 3/4 din guilda din wow acu juma de an, aveau compuri cu placi video de 256 si 1 giga ddr2. Daca la noi zici ca un comp la 1 k $ nu e deloc rau, la aia deja e sub standard ti-l vinde la cutie ca pe masina de spalat. Asta e, ei au cu ce sa cumpere, noi nu avem nici cu cine sa votam.

Cam uite cum ar fi trebuit sa fie calculatoru unu roman, ieri (intrati in concurs, poate castigati, e da moca):


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Banuiesc ca vor mai micsora calitatea (cu totul din punct de vedere comercial sa fie pt. toti, pt. ca si jocul Fury face parte din aceasi clasa grafica.

In primu stage de close alpha la Fury au triat cb testarii si au lasat peaia cu nvidia 8+ si 2 giga+ram si vista.

In al doilea au taiat nvidia 8+ si vista.

Sper ca in al treilea stagiu sa am loc si eu peacolo, pt ca o sa-mi apara in mail iar si vreau sa-l incerc. Cand pot sa va spun mai multe de Fury , o sa scriu un nou topic.






Join Date: Mar 2007

Location: Sweden

Posts: 5 Fury Alpha cannot be run on this system (Vista)


I do meet all the hardware requirements without any problems but I still can't run the beta.

And I have all the latest drivers for my hardware.

Intel Core 2 Duo 6700 @ 3.54Ghz

4Gb ram

nVidia 7800GTX 512Mb (Vista 64 beta drivers)

X-Fi Elite Pro

Scos de pe forumul testarilor. http://forums.auran.com/fury/forum/index.php

No comment!

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Poti sa te bati in timp ce zbori,spre deosebire de WoW.Bine,in WoW e mai misto,ca zboara vacile(Taurenii) si caprele(Dreneii).Au si proiectile...balegă si căcăreze.Obidan asta compara cu WoW tot ce apare nou.Asa e mah,toate sunt si in WoW ca la ce grafica de 2 lei are,isi permit sa implementeze de toate.Ca tot jalnic ramane,asta e partea a doua.Stunul arata jalnic,huh? Tare ala din WoW,are niste efecte de te da cu retina de asfalt,mie-mi spui...

da, le compar, pentru ca nu e nimic nou

stun-ul e jalnic ...

se misca haotic

tot ce e frumos e zborul si lupta in timp ce zbori , dar abilitatea de a zbura nu e noua , are si WoW si mai era un MMO..am uitat numele :D

Totul ce e nou e abilitatea de a te lupta in timp ce zbori , care probabil va avea multe buguri....pana le repara...trece mult..

parerea mea : esec

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Aion versiunea koreana incepe close beta in iulie-august, cel putin asa zice


Site-u oficial Aion-Korea http://www.aion.co.kr/ .

Alt joc korean e pristontale 2 http://www.pt2.co.kr/ , inca mai sunt in close beta, firma producatoare Yedang online e mult mai micuta de cat NCsoft, jocu deja are 1,5 ani delay, versiunea in engleza nu e anuntata inca. Pristontale2 e creat pe engineu unreal 2.5. .

Foto http://photo.mmosite.com/picfile/2006-05-1...8j4g6h7tc.shtml

Trailer de acum 1 an:

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