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Ziceti-mi shi mie o parere despre storyu' asta. Shtiu k e cam lung da' ce sa fac shi yo.

Its the year 2100 AD(after Dominion) the univers is filled with darkness. The inhabitents of earth are scatered throughout the universe.In a lonely pub the eldest earthling tells his storry to six young children from different races:

"This my children is a very old tale, a legend if you will,a story of good and evil. Once upon a time in the time of the old empire of earth a brave group of men called "The protectorate" vowed to protect the empire and all the good that it stands for. Little know to them that in the far nether regions of the universe an evil organiztion who had sworn to destroy the universe no matter the costs. Of course there were allways those who never quite understood the way the universe works.They called themselvs gods.Bloody hypocrites:they had power over nature and felt that it is theyr duty not to let the empire rule something as "pure" as the universe. But yet another people rose up. These were one of the strangest i ever met. They were a cross between barbarians and Noblemen if you can imagine. They fought like beasts and acted like gentelmen,trully uniqe people. They were mortal enemies of the elemental people. And yet as if that wasnt enough out of the ashes and darkest corners of the universe there arose a group of beings so foul i bare not mention theyr name. They were mercenaries you see? The most cruel and horrible people you could ever meet. These are five and of course there is one more: the prisoners of the empire. These prisoners were all from a race that had died out a long time ago but lived in slavery for the empire. The empire promised they will release them in exchange for theyr service.

And now the player could go to the title screen and stuff choose his race and then the storry would continue according to what he chooses.

If he were to choose the protectorate there would be an image of a shiny very advanced city in the back and the the image should fall on a baracks where the new cadets are training and then.Old man(OM): the protectorate was allways a vain organiztion,they allways thought they were superior to everyone else, i guess thats what led to theyr downfall.Images of men dying and so on.

For the barbarian/gentlemen(nemests) there should be an image of a world with 2 sides...the camera going down on one and there in front of a fire on marble benches there is a gathering of men.OM:The nemests a proud people if i could say allied with the protectorate very easyly when they heard who they were fighting.A brave and noble people who live out in glory to this day.Show a shiny planet with beautyful buildings on it

For the slaves(Chars) the camera should come down from space on an old poluted looking planet and then cross the landscape( battred) and then next to a cave where the chars are preparing for war.OM:the chars are now a free and prosperous people...but the price they have paid was far to grate for any secies to bare...(show mass deaths destructions of planets) i guess the only reason the universe is here today is because they sacrificed theyr god for us.images of a beatiful being imploding.

Note on each of these tales the room with the children and the old man must first apear solid than growin faint like a shadow as the story begins to be told.

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