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Server CLASIC MuOnline Season 3 .

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Despre ce ar fi vorba . 

Server Clasic Season 3 fara HELPER [ BOT ] - Foarte usor de configurat fara bugguri si alte probleme . 

Detalii server . 

Experienta : 50x - 100x 

Reset : 350 - 400 

Drop : Hard 

Customs Added in Game:
[HOT]Party Helper
added bot-player for create party

Offline Trade System
Can sell item from personal store offline
[HOT]Offline Attack System
- Gain experience while away from the game
New Jewels
- New jewels added in game
IP authorization
[HOT]Monster Life Bar
- New Monster Life bar for all monsters

3D Camera
- 3D Camera in Client
- Fog in Client
[HOT]Instinct System

[HOT]PvP Zone System
- PvpZone System for "Anti-PK" zones
Balance System
- Can create your balance on the server
Online Bonus For Play
- Give players bonuses for state online
[HOT]GameMaster Controll
- New Game Master System with Full Controll and Immunity
MapDrop Settings
-configuration of all maps - drop,exp and etc..
Reset System in Game
[HOT]Dinamic Exp System
Calculator Characters
[HOT] Kill Quest System in Game
Trade Configuration
PersonalStore Configuration
[HOT]Party System
Configuration Skills
[HOT]New Wings


Custom Events:
[HOT]Scorpion Attack Event(Allow)
[Full Configuration]

[HOT]Moss The Merchan Event(Allow)
[Full Configuration]
Halloween Event(Allow)
Illiusion Temple(Allow)
[HOT]TvT Event(In Developening)
[HOT]New Golden Archer Event(Allow)

Astept pareri sa-mi spuneti daca va intereseaza . 

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