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B>ls lk+edr+2%+13

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Am urmatoarele :

Viper staf edr+speed+11 add28

BB 2%+speed+9add28

2xKB lk+edr+speed+13add28

set gd lk+dd+13add28 (H A lk+dd+hp+13)

set plate lk+dd+13add28 (A lk+dd+ref+13)

DM G B lk+dd+ref+13add28

wings sm lk+ign+7hprec+13

set gran soul lk+dd+hp+13add28

Dark Soul B P dd+ref+13add28

explosion blade edr+2%+speed+9 add28



 Daca vreti boks+5 , ofer 170 +5 !


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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