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Sell Iteme(Plate G Lk dd ref+13)

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Plate G lk dd ref +13

AA sword lk edr lvl20 +0

Hurricane B lk dd +0

Brass G lk dd +9

Plate P lk dd +0

Sod lk edr +0

Spinhx P B G lk dd +0

Thrunder A lk dd+0

Grand Soul H B lk dd +0

Spirit P G lk dd hp +0

Divine H A G lk dd +0

Kundum lk lvl20 add28 +13

Dark Soul sett lk dd +9





Legendary A B G P lk dd +13

Fenrir Negru sau Albastru

Bk wing lk +13


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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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