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Guest alionul


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Guest alionul

S>guardian A+13lk+dd+ref

S>thunder A+13lk+dd+hp

heras b,g,s,p,a+0

plate B+13lk+dd+ref

plate A+13 dd+ref

leather A+13lk+dd+ref

set BD+13lk+dd

LP b+13lk+dd+hp

Sphinx g+13lk+dd+ref

Sphinx H+13lk+dd+hp



aa scepter+0lk+lvl20+ 2%

DP BX2+0lk+dd//lk+dd+mana

DP gX2&p+0lk+dd

aa sword+0lk+2%


katana plate B+0+lk

evis bone b+0

BD p+0 dd+hp

DK a+0 ref+mana\

BD G&bX2+0lk+ref+hp

plate B&g+0lk+dd

leather G+0lk+dd+mana

storm crow pX2 lk+dd+ref+0//lk+dd+ref+13

storm crow g+0 dd+ref

pad B+0lk+hp+ref

huricane B+0lk+dd

RS A+0lk+dd+hp

RS p+0 dd+hp

RS G+0lk+dd+zen

Bronze p+0lk+dd+hp

bronze B+9lk+dd

bone G+13lk+dd

ascrow set+dd

leg Shield+0lk+hp+ref

DS(sm) H+0lk+dd

pad A+0lk+hp+ref

pad p+0lk+dd

guardian G+0 dd+Ref

warior&apollo ring

hayon Sword+0

DS(dl)a+0 dd+hp

bronze b+0lk+dd

GS (SM) p+0lk+dd

pad a+0lk+dd

bone A+0 dd+hp

garuda panti+9 +lk



aa sceptru+0lk+edr\


GS(SM) h+0 dd+hp


aa staf+9lk+edr

aa sword+0lk+2%

Ls S+0lk+edr

GS p&b+0lk+dd

DM A+0lk+dd

BD B+0lk+dd





 Caut urmatoarele:

AA staf+13lk+edr2%

anubis g+lk

heras s,b.p+lk

DP/plate lk+dd+dsr+0+13

bone p+0+13lk+dd+hp


mai caut si jlw bok+1+2+3 pt itemele mici de le.am enumerat have fun



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