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Guest alionul

Sell numai pe jlw!

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Guest alionul

Horn shield+0lk+dd+hp

bras p(no lk)+0dd+ref

GD H+0lk+dsr+ref

plate A+0lk+dd

leg shield+13lk+dd+zen

Gywen pendant

heras scut+0/9

iris h+0 dd+dsr

pend fire edr+speed

pend fire edr+speed+hprec3%

plate h+0lk+dd+zen

leather g+0lk+dd+mana

bronze panti+0lk+dd+hp

plate g+00lk+dd//lk+dsr+ref

leather p+0lk+dd+mana

Gd G+13lk+dd+zen

storm crow p+0lk+dd+ref

storm crow g+0(no lk) dd+ref

DP p+0lk+dd

Storm Crow p+13lk+dd+ref

plate b+13lk+dd+dsr

RD g+0lk+hp+ref

Sphinx g+0dd+hp(no lk)

RS p+0 dd+hp(no lk)

Lp b+0(no lk) dd+hp

DS b(DL) dd+ref

GS p lk+dd

DS(SM)g lk+dsr+hp

bronze h+0lk+dd+mana

DP g+0lk+dd

Glorius masc+0 dsr+ref

BD H+13lk+dd+mana


aa sword+0lk+edr+mana

GD p+0lk+dd

leg b+0lk+dd

huricane G+0lk+dd

GS g+0lk+dd+zen

DP H+0lk+dd

GS b+0lk+hp+ref


Lp G+0lk+dsr+dd

DS A(SM)lk+dd

silk panti+0lk+dd+ref

Gs h+0lk+dd






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