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s>set bk lk dd+13,arme 2opt +13

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set brass lk dd+13 , gloves , pants lk dd dsr+13 restu lk dd+13

gladius lk skill edr lvl/20 add28+13

sword off assasin lk skill edr speed add28+11

lighting sword lk edr +13

knight blade lk lvl/20 speed add28+13

BD armor , boots lk dd+13

set sphinx lk dd +13


ring hp rec 3% ref dsr

ring hp rec 3% dd dsr

pendant of light hp rec 2% edr 2%


caut iteme bd lk dd+13 , scale lk dd+13 , bokuri +2-5 :tiphat:

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Am set scale+lk+dd+add28+13 si am si 3 iteme BD+lk+dd+13 (Armor, Pants, Boots)

Ma int bok+5, fenrir negru

numa la trade pot da ceva pe setu tau si pe pants bd

ADAUG : GD glvoes dd add28+13

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