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Aici gasesti ce cauti

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Arme :

KB lk speed +13

kundun lk speed +13

AA staf lk edr speed+13

AA staf lk edr

Kundun 2%

GLS lk edr

Divine Scepter edr 2%

Legendary boots lk ref +13

Leather Helm ref dd


G & A dd +0

H dd +9

Gread Dragon

P ref hp

P dd

P lk ref

Dark Soul

A ref

A lk ref

B lkr ref x2

H dd zen

P ref mana

G dd

Red Dragon

H lk ref

P lk dd

B ref


Helm lk ref dsr +9

Helm lk dd mana

Pants lk ref hp

Iteme dl

DS mask lk dd

Adamantine boots lk dd ref

Adamantine A lk ref

DM gloves lk ref hp

iteme elf

Elven shild dd ref

Silk H lk dd mana

Divine a lk dd

Divine p lk dd

Divine h lk ref x2

Divine b ref

Vine A lk dd

Wings hp +50 lk add


Set Venom non exc +9 lk +opt mov (pants lk +0) + Grand viper lk +0

Set gaion +9

Pendante :

edr speed -fire

edr hp rec 3% - light

2% hp rec 3% - fire

lvl 20 speed - light

hp rec 1%, life , 2% -light


dd dsr -ice

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