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Gangsta rap!

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Star Wars Gangsta Rap... ce sa zic.... e mortal...


Spoken Intro

Emperor: It's not the east or the west side...

Vader: No it's not!

Emperor: It's not the north or the south side...

Vader: No it's not!

Emperor: It's the Dark Side...

Vader: You are correct!

Emperor: Can't front on the Empire; to all you Vader haters out there: we'll blow your planet up!

Verse 1

Vader: What is thy bidding, my master?

Emperor: It's a disaster, Skywalker we're after.

Vader: But if he could be turned to the Dark Side...

Emperor: Yes, he'd be a powerful ally... another Dark Jedi...

Vader: He will join us or die. We got Death Star! (repeat 7 times)

Stormtroopers (echoing Vader): Death Star! (repeat 7 times)

Vader: And you know that we got it... (repeat once)

Stormtroopers: Death Star! (repeat once)

Spoken Interlude

Uncle Owen: Luke! Get yer' ass over here right now. Quit monkeyin' around with that damn landspeeder. Where are dem two droids I asked ya ta clean boy? Did'ya clean yer' room?!

Verse 2

Luke: Uncle Owen, I know I'm on probation. I cleaned the droids: can I go to the Tosche Station? I've got a layaway on a power converter, but now you're treatin' me like a scruffy nerf-herder.

Ghost Obi-Wan: Luke! Use the Force and run... run to Dagobah, run to Dagobah. (repeat once)

Yoda: I'm Yoda, I'm a soldja. I mold ya then fold ya, I thought I told ya. Don't be unwise, judge me not by my size. You won't believe your eyes once the X-Wing rise.

Luke: Yoda, why you bein' a playa hata? You know that I still must confront Lord Vader.

Yoda: But Luke, not ready are you...

Luke: But there's a city in the clouds where they're keepin' my crew. A Jedi's gotta do what a Jedi's gotta do, so now Vader: I'm comin' for you!

Spoken Interlude

Luke: Yeah, that's right R2, I just set a new course. We're goin' to Cloud City. (drinks alcoholic beverage) Ahh, that's mighty good gin an' tonic, why don't you mix me up another? (Things are about to get ugly.)$

Verse 3

Vader: Impressive, now release your anger! You must have sensed that your friends are in danger.

Luke: Owww! Why'd you slice off my hand?!

Vader: It's imperative that you understand! Obi-Wan would never bother... telling you about your father.

Luke: He told me enough, he told me you killed him!

Vader: Then there's something I must reveal then, I'm your father, I'm your father (repeat 3 times).


Han Solo: Knock him out the box Luke, knock him out! (repeat 4 times) Knock him out the box, Luke.

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