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Vanzare iteme bune :)

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Gran Soul set +13 :

Helm lk+dd+hp+13add28

Armour dd+hp+13 add28

Pants lk+dd+13

Bots lk+dd+hp+13add28

gloves dd+hp+13add28

shild lk+dd+hp+13 add35

Nu dau pe bucati...

Pendant lighting edr 2% x2

ring dd+hp

ring dd+hp+hprec2%

wings sm lk ign+13 hprec3%

dark phionix B lk+dd+mana+0 / lk+ref+hp+0

red spirit helm lk+dd+0

dark master mask lk+dd+0

brass pants lk+dd+ref+11

set bd lk+ref+9

wings mg+ign+0

wings elf +lk+13

set guardian lk+ref+9

rings dd+hprec1% x 5

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