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rd helm lk dd hp+9

iris armua ref

adamantine bots lk dd dsr+9

gs armura lk dd+13

eclipse gloves ref

bob lk edr 2%+13

bronze pants lk dd+9

bronze gloves lk dd+11

bronze amura dd ref

bronze helm lk dd+13

leg helm lk dd+9

leg gloves lk dd +11

ds dl bots lk dd hp+9

ds dl armura lk dd+9

ds dl helm lk dd+9

ds gloves lk dd+9

ds dl bots lk dd+9 x2

thunder armura lk dd+9

thunder bots lk dd+11

thunder bots dd ref

guardian helm lk dd+9

guardian armura lk dd+9

light plate bots lk dd

anubis helm

wind pants dd ref

silk pants lk dd

scale helm lk dd ref+9

leg staf lk edr 2%+10

bone pants lk dd ref+11

set dp lk ref+13

si ffff multe bok +5


bless soul

aripi bk lk ign hp rec+13

gd pants bots armura lk dd+13

bone helm bots gloves lk dd ref/ lk dd

ds staf lk edr

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bronze helm lk dd+13 si wind pants dd ref = 5bok+5

6+5 si facem :tiphat:

scale helm lk dd ref+9 - 3+5 :tiphat:

pe ala il dau pe helm bone la trade sau alt item bone

iti dau 2 iteme bone lk ref hp :nanana:

vlad nu am cf cu lk ref hp

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