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-great dragon helm lk+dd+add28+13

-divine boots lk+dd+ref+13

-buckler shield lk+dd+mana+13

-legendary pants lk+ref+hp+13

-black dragon pants lk+ref+13

-black dragon gloves lk+ref+13

-plate helm lk+dd+13

-scale pants lk+ref+13

-gladius lk+edr+lv20+13

-double blade lk+2%+13

-katana lk+2%+13

-grand soul gloves lk+ref+13

-great dragon helm lk+dd

-dark phoenix pants lk+dd

-aa staff lk+edr

-2x anubis helm +9


-iteme storm crow lk+dd+ref+13 / lk+dd+hp+13 / lk+dd+13 ( fara boots )

-arma de mg lk+edr+inca o optiuni+add28+13



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