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ITEME si Arme

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DP g lk ref add8+13

Huricane g Lk dd +13

Hurican g lk hp dsr +13

HURICANE p lk hp dd +0

DM g lk ref+0

DM b lk ref mana +0

DM p lk ref+0

DARK STEEL b lk dd ref +0

Light Plate A lk ref+0

Pad A lk hp4 ref +0

Thunder g lk ref mana +0

Thunder A lk dd +0

BONE p lk dd ref +0

BONE p lk dd mana +0

GUARDIAN b lk hp dd +0

Plate h lk dd+0

STORM crow p lk hp dd +0

GREAT scepter LK EDR +0

Double Poleaxe lk EDR 2%+0

Bill of Balrog add4 EDR lvl 20+0 x 2

Bill of Balrog lk 2%+0

Great Scythe lk 2% life +0

Tomahawk lk EDR +0

Crystal Morning star lk 2% lvl 20 +0

prefer bok +5 chiar si jwl daca oferiti bine

sau ce caut

scut de bk lk dd ref +13

helm bots pents DP lk dd ref +13[chiar si fara lk ]

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