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Sell iteme bk/sm/dl/mg/elf

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de BK :

Black Dragon Armor lk dd zen +13

Black Dragon Gloves + dd

Kantata lk edr skill +13

Serpent Shield lk ref maxhp4%

Dark Pheonix Helm dd dsr

Dark Breaker lk edr

Bone Blade lk skill +3 ne/exe

Gladius lk edr skill +13

Plate Boots lk dd

Flail lk edr

Spear edr lvl20

Giant Sword lk edr 2%

Great Scythe lk edr lvl20

Black Dragon Helm lk ref

Brass Pants dd maxhp4%

AA Sword edr speed+7+skil

de DL :

Great Lord Scepter lk edr +13

Dark Master Mask + dd

Adamantine Armor lk dd maxhp4% +13

Dark Master Gloves lk dd

Dark Master Pants lk ref x2

Dark Master Gloves lk ref

Dark Master Gloves + dd

Dark Master Armor lk ref

Dark Steel Armor / Helm lk dd

de MG :

Wings of Darkness ignore +13

Hurricane Boots dd maxhp4% + add12

Hurricane Boots lk dd

Storm Crow Gloves lk dd add28 zen +9

Hurricane Pants dd dsr

Hurricane Pants dd maxhp4%

Hurricane Pants lk dd mana

Hurricane ARmor lk ref x2

de SM :

AA Staff edr lvl20

Grand SOul Armor dd maxhp4% +add8

Dark SOul Armor + dd

Staff of Destruction lk 2% lvl20

Dark Soul Boots lk ref

Dark SOul Boots dd zen

Bone Gloves lk ref

Legendary helm lk dd

Grand SOul Armor lk ref

Staff of Kundun lk speed+7

de ELF:

Viper Bow edr 2% +13

Red SPirit Helm lk dd ref

Red Spirit Boots dd maxhp4% + add8

Great Reign Crossbow lk 2%

Divine Boots lk ref

Divine Armor ref maxhp4%

Iris Pants ref dsr

Guardian Armor lk dd dsr

Divine Helm lk dd

Spirit Boots lk dd

Red SPirit Helm/Gloves/Pants + dd

Red Spirit Pants lk dd

Wind Gloves lk dd zen


Pendant Lighting edr lvl20 + authp3%

Pendant Lighting 2% + speed+ authp2%

Ring Poison ref authp2%

Ring Ice dd x2

Ring Poison dd authp2%

Ring Ice ref x2

Pendant Lighting edr speed+7

Pendant Ice ref +maxhp4% + authp1%

Ring Ice dd zen x2

Pendant Lighting 2% + speed +7 + authp3%

6 x 255 sign

Aciente :

Warrior Armor Boots Pants

Evis Boots / Pants

Garuda Boots

Hyperion Armor/Boots

Hyon Gloves

OFERA: BOK +5 / Jwl

Buy Gd Pants lk dd +13 = iteme sau bok+5

T>Ring Ice dd ref authp2% +bok+5 = ring dd ref authp3%

T>Pendant FIre edr 2% authp2% +bok+5 = pendant fire edr 2% authp3%

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