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Iteme +13 ( iteme pentru toti )

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ITEME +11 / +13

-grand soul gloves lk+ref+11

-pad helm lk+ref+11

-dragon soul staff lk+2%+12

-great dragon pants lk+ref+13

-legendary gloves lk+dd+13

-kite shield lk+dd+13


-dark soul boots dd+ref

-legendary helm lk+dd

-pad armor lk+dd

-dark soul helm +dd

-bone helm lk+dd

-legendary boots lk+ref+mana


-brass pants lk+ref+dsr+9

-brass gloves lk+ref+9

-brass armor lk+ref+9

-red dragon helm lk+dd

-scale armor lk+dd

-black dragon helm lk+ref

-black dragon gloves lk+ref


-guardian boots dd+ref+9

-spirit boots lk+dd

-wind boots lk+dd


-dark steel gloves lk+dd

-adamantine gloves lk+dd


-thunder hawk boots lk+dd+hp

-thunder hawk pants lk+dd


-viper bow lk+2%+speed

-celestial bow lk+edr+lv20

-dragon soul staff edr+lv20+10

-flail lk+2%+lv20

-kriss lk+2%

-viper bow + edr

-dragon slayer shield lk+dd

-serpent shield lk+dd

-tower shield lk+ref

-legendary shield lk+ref

-grand soul shield lk+dsr+zen+9


-set gaia +10 ( arc +10 , A , P , G , H +10 )

-set eplate ( 2 iteme +9 )

-set gywen ( arc +armor+gloves+ booti , nu am pendant )


-wings elf level 2 + ignor +9

-wings sm level 2 +hp+9


- silk gloves lk+dd+13

-silk boots lk+dd+13

-wings level 1 ( elf ) + ignor sau lk+13

-jwl / bok +5 !

Postati aici ce vreti , pret , nume in joc !

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