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Sell !

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Sell :

- Plate boots lk+dd+0

-Tower shield lk+dd+0

-Light plate gloves lk+dd+0

-Light plate mask lk+dd+0

-Angelik staff lk+edr+2%+0

-Ressurection staff lk+2%+speed7+0

-Elven shield lk+dd+ref+0

-Pad gloves lk+ref+hp+0

-Dark phoenix helm lk+ref+0

-Brass gloves lk+ref+zen+9

-Brass gloves lk+ref+0

-Bone pants lk+ref+0

-Dark soul pants lk+dsr+0

-Plate shield lk+dd+zen+13

-Celestial bow lk+edr+skill+0

-Spirit gloves lk+ref+0

-Legendary helm lk+dsr+0

-AA sword lk+skill+speed7+0

-Light spear lk+edr+2%+0

-Light saber lk+edr+2%+0

-Gladius edr+skill+0

Buy :

-Red dragon armor lk+dd

-Red dragon gloves lk+dd

Itemele merg pe ce caut sau jwl/bok :) !

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Am fost plecat cateva zile si nu am mai dat pe aici,daca cei de sus mai vor respectivele iteme lasati un nick sau pm in joc spriTewus,ms :) !

Adaug la itemele puse la vanzare :

-Great dragon gloves lk+dd+dsr+0

-Spirit armor lk+dd+ref+0

-Tiger bow lk+edr+2%+0

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