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S>Serpent Sword+lk+edr+2%+skill (one hand)

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Serpent Sword+lk+edr+2%+skill (one hand)= doar bok+5

Kite shield+lk+dd+7

Large round shieldlk+dd+dsr

Storm crow boots+lk+dd+ref

Dragon slayer shield+lk+ref

Plate shield+lk+ref

GS shield+lk+ref

Brass helm+lk+dd+zen

Serpent shield+lk+dd

Leather Gloves+lk+dd+zen

Plate Gloves+lk+dd+zen

Bone pants+lk+dd+5

Hand axe+lk+edr+lvl

Wind boots+lk+dd

Pendant of ligh +edr+lvl

255 sign

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