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Imbrac caractere IEFTIN

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Set Scale +13

H lk ref +13

A lk dd +13

G lk dd +13

P lk dd +13

B lk dd +13

Set Scale +0

H lk ref

A lk dd

G lk ref

P lk dd

B lk dd

KB 2% speed

Blade edr speed

Spiked Shield lk dd

Large Round Shield lk dd

Dragon Slayer Shield lk dd

Plate Shield lk dd


Set Dark Master +0

DM H ref hp

DM A dd

DM G lk ref

DM P dd

DM B dd

AA Scepter lk edr lvl +13

AA Scepter 2% speed

Tower Shield dd hp


Set Divine +0

H lk dd

A lk dd

G lk dd

P lk dd

B dd ref

Set Vine +0 (no gloves)

H lk dd dsr

A dd ref

P dd hp

B dd hp

Great Reign Crossbow lk 2% lvl

Albatross 2% speed

Aripi ign


Glorious dd sau ref

Eclipse dd sau ref

Light Plate G / B (lk) dd hp / (lk) dd ref


Glorious G / B dd +11 + diferenta = G / B dd +13

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