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Textila + Arme

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GD gloves lk refl

Helm refl hp

Dark soul gloves lk dd

DM gloves lk dd

Hurricane boots refl hp

Double blade lk 2%

Crossbow lk edr 2% +13

Pendant lighting edr speed hp rec2%

Pendant lighting edr hp rec 2%

Ring of poison refl hp rec 3% zen

Dragon boots dd hp

DP Helm lk dd dsr +13

Legendary gloves lk dd +13

Arrow viper bow lk 2%

Flail lk edr

Flail lk edr +13

Flail lk lvl 2% +13

Morning star lk edr +13

Double Blade lk 2% +13

Wind gloves lk refl hp

Bone Helm dd refl

Silk pants dd refl

Bone helm lk dd zen

Scale Pants lk refl

Sword of Assasin lk lvl

Guardian boots refl hp

Valiant pants dd dsr

Light Plate Armor lk dd dsr

Dragon Armor lk refl

Kriss lk lvl

Kriss lk 2%

Plate Boots lk dd dsr

Staff of Resurrection lk edr +9

Pendant FIre edr hp rec 3% life after

Evis pendant

Evis boots

Scale Armor lk dd mana

Scale Armor lk refl

Bone Helm lk refl +13

Bone Armor lk refl +13

Dark Steel Mask lk dd

BoB lk 2% +13

Lighting sword lk edr +13

Lighting sword lk 2% speed +13

Itemele la +0 pe jwl iar restul bok +5 / +2 / +1

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