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Ds(sm) dd ref +9

Red Dragon lk dd+13 (A no lk)

Light Plate H,P lk dd+13,A,G,B lk dd+12

Scale H lk ref+13,B dd ref+13, G,P,A lk dd+13


Brass A lk dd +13

Serpent sword lk 2% +13

Small axe lk 2% speed add28 +13

duble blade lk edr +13

Light Plate lk ref +11 G si B

Red Dragon B lk dd

Brass B lk dd

Sphinx P ,G lk dd

Gaion Pendant

Spirit P lk dd hp

Spirit G lk dd

Eplate Shild,Pants

Evis A

Oferiti bok +5

Caut Leather H lk dd+13

Aripi Sm lvl 2+13

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