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S>preturi fixe

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Rs pants lk dd+13->5bok+5

2XHuricane pants lk dd+13->2bok+5 buc

Divine boots lk dd zen+13->4bok+5

Rd pants lk dd+13->5bok+5

Rd helm lk dd hp+13->8bok+5

Lp boots lk dd+13->2bok+5

Tower shield lk dd add35+13->5bok+5


Rs boots dd hp+0->2bok+5

Rs boots ref hp+0->20 20

2xRs pants lk ref+0->20 20 buc

Divine boots lk dd->30 30

Silk boots lk dd mana+0->10 10

2xSilk pants lk dd+0->10 10 buc

Silk gloves lk dd+0->10 10


2xDs helm lk ref+0->20 20 buc

Ds pants ref hp+0->20 20


Dm gloves dd hp+0->2bok+5

Lp boots lk dd+0->20 20

Adamantine pants lk dd+0->20 20

Adamantine gloves lk ref hp+0->10 10

Ds helm lk ref hp+0->20 20


Huricane pants lk dd+0->20 20

Huricane boots lk dd hp+0->1bok+5 + 20 20


Scale pants lk ref+0->20 20

Gd pants ref hp+0->30 30

Gd boots ref hp+0->30 30

Brass armura,pants,helm lk ref+0->10 10 buc

Brass pants lk dd+0->20 20


Dragon Spear lk edr 2%+0->3bok+5

Sword dancer lvl20+0->20 20

Daybreak edr+0->30 30

Daybreak 2%+0->20 20

Daybreak 2% mana+0->20 20

Albatros 2% life+0-1bok+5

5xAA scepter lk edr+0->30 30 buc

Gls lk 2%+0->20 20

Falchion lk edr life+0->10 10

Kb lk life mana+0->30 30

Kb edr+0->1bok+5

Kb 2%+0->20 20

Kite shield ref hp+0->10 10

Kite shield lk dd+0->10 10

Shining mana+0->20 20

Double blade lk 2% mana+0->10 10

Sod bk lk lvl20 life+0->20 20


2x ring of poison ref hp rec 2%->10 10 buc

ring of poison dd mana hp rec 1%->15 15

ring of poison ref hp->30 30

ring of poison ref hp hp rec 1%->1bok+5

ring of poison dd hp rec 2%->15 15

ring of poison dd hp->4bok+5

ring of ice ref hp->30 30

ring of ice dsr hp hp rec 3%->20 20

ring of ice dd hp hp rec 1%->7bok+5


Set aschrow dd+0->4bok+5


Pants dd hp+0->1bok+5+30 30

Pants dd+0->1bok+5

Boots dd+0->1bok+5

2xArmura ref+0->20 20 buc

Set valiant:->3bok+5

Boots dd hp+0

Pants dd+0

Gloves dd+0

Armura dd+0


Gloves dd dsr+0->30 30

Pants dd+0->30 30


Helm dd+0->1bok+5

2xBoots dd+0->1 bok+5 buc

Gloves dd+0->1bok+5

Pants dd+0->1bok+5

Boots ref+0->20 20


Helm dd+0->1bok+5

Armura dd+0->1bok+5

Armura ref+0->20 20

Pants ref+0->20 20


Hyon set+comp garuda+0->5bok+5

Odin:->10 b buc





Gloves+0->30 30


2xArmura+0->10 10

2xScut+0->10 10


Armura+0->10 10

Boots +0->10 10

2x pendant->10 10 buc


2x Gloves+0->3bok+5 buc


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kb edr+0->1bok+5

anubis gloves+0->3bok+5

anubis armura+0->2bok+5

Sod bk lk lvl life->20 20

Gls lk 2%+0->20 20

Adamantine pants lk dd+0->20 20

Ring of poison dd hp rec 2%->15 15

Sry s`a dat kb cu edr acum 5 min

Dap mai am setul :P

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Huricane armura lk dd+0->30 30

Huricane gloves lk dd+0->30 30

Dm boots lk dd mana+0->1bok+5

Rs helm lk dd+0->1bok+5

Divine gloves lk ref hp+0->20 20

Gls lk 2%+0->20 20

AA sword lk lvl20+0->20 20

ring of poison dd hp->4bok+5

pend of fire edr hp rec 2%->20 20

pend of lithing edr lvl20 hp rec 3%->2bok+5

Albatros lvl20+0->30 30

3xAschorw armura ref+0->20 20

Aschrow helm ref+0->20 20

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