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Vand ........

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Great Scepter +lk+2%+0

Light Spear +lk+20/lvl+0

Adamantine Pants+lk+dd+0

Thunder Blade+add+2%+edr+0

Vine Armour+lk+dd+0

Crescent Axe+lk+edr+0

Giant Sword+add+edr+0

Scale Gloves+lk+ref+0

Brass Helm+lk+mana+ref+0

Sphinx Mask+lk+dd+dsr+0

Dragon Slayer Shield+add+ref+0

Ring Of Ice +dd

Ring Of Poison+3% recov+mana

Sphinx Pants+add+hp+dsr+0

Spirit Armour+ref+0

Dragon Boots+lk+hp+dsr+0

Dragon Armour+lk+mana+dsr+0

Dragon Pants+hp+0

Elemental Mace+edr+0

Adamantine Boots+lk+hp+0

Adamantine Gloves+lk+zen+0

Plate Shield +lk+mana+0

Scale Boots+lk+mana+0

Sphinx Gloves+lk+mana+0

Garuda pants+0

Garuda gloves+0


lasati nick si oferta aici sau pm BodykAgain

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