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Sell +13 si nu numai

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Brass H +lk+dd+13

Adamantine P+lk+dd+13

Thuder Hawk B+lk+dd+13

Sphynx Armor +lk+ref+hp+13

Sphynx P +lk+ref+13

Spynx P+lk+dd

Heliacal Sword+lk+incr 2%

Storm Crow A+lk+dd

Thunder Staff+lk+edr

Double Poleaxe +lk+edr

Celestial bow +lk+edr+increase rate of life

Storm crow B+lk+ref

Light plate P+lk+ref

Great Scepter+lk+2%

Wind armor+lk+dd

Larkan Axe+lk+incr 2%+incre wiz speed

Celestial Bow+lk+incr 2%

Gladius +lk+edr

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s-au dat si thunder boots,adaug:

Guardian Boots+lk+dd

Day Breaker +sk+lvl/20+2%

SOD +add dmg+edr+increase rate of mana


Set Hyon+9

Lasati aici oferte in bok +5 sau jwl.Multumesc

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