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Sell itm bune pt toate rasele

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Caut Staff Platina si Boots DS+lk+dd/ref!!!

Hurry Pants+lk+dd=1bok+5

Thunder Boots+lk+dd=sign


Leather Gloves+lk+dd=jwl/sign

Small Shield+lk+dd=jwl/sign

Sphinx Boots+lk+dd+ref=sign

Leg Helm+lk+dd+9=1bok+5

Garuda Armor+Pants+Pendant(compl de la hyon)=sign

Evis Armor=jwl/sign

Evis Pants=jwl/sign

Evis Boots=sign/jwl(2x)

Gaion Boots=1bok+5/sign


GD P+DD=sign

GD B+DD=sign

Pend of fire+edr+speed=1bok+5/sign

Pend of lightning+edr+lvl/20+hp rec 1%=2bok+5

DP P+dd+mana=jwl/sign

DP P+lk+dd=BOK+5

DP B+dd+9=1bok+5

DP H+lk+ref=jwl/sign

DP A+dd=jwl/sign

DP P+lk+ref=jwl/sign

Spirit Pants+lk+dd+ref=1bok+5

Spirit A+lk+dd=jwl/sign

Viper Staff+lk+10=sign/jwl

Dark Reign Blade+lk+edr+speed=BOK+5

GD A+lk+ref=1bok+5

Iris Pants+dd+zen=2bok+5

Iris Boots+dd=2bok+5

Valiants Gloves+dd=jwl/sign

Valiants Armor+ref+zen=jwl/sign

Aschrow Pants+dd=jwl/sign

Aschrow Boots+gloves=jwl/sign

ofera pt itm-ul care vrei ce caut

TRADE SET ANUBIS+Compl Heras=1 itm DS+lk+dd+hp+13(no H&G)

T DS G+lk+dd+hp+13=Alt itm la fel(no Helm)

T Kundun Staff+lk+edr+13=Platina+edr+11

T Dark Soul Helm+dd+13=Boots la fel

T Dark Soul Gloves+dd+ref+13=DS+dd+hp(lk)+13 (mai dau si dif unde este cazul)

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