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Cyborg Name

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Cyborg Name

Poti vedea ce insamna cu adevar numel tau daca accesezi lenk-ul de mai sus.

A.D.I.B.N.U.G.L.E.B.: Artificial Digital Individual Built for Nocturnal Utility, Galactic Learning and Efficient Battle

K.N.D.D.I.M.I.T.R.I.: Kinetic Networked Device Designed for Immediate Mathematics, Intensive Troubleshooting and Rational Infiltration

A.D.I.B.: Artificial Digital Infiltration Being

A.D.I.: Artificial Digital Individual

K.N.D.: Killing and Nullification Device

L.I.N.K.M.A.N.I.A.: Lifelike Intelligent Neohuman Keen on Mathematics, Accurate Nullification and Immediate Assassination

J.E.D.I.: Journeying Electronic Destruction Individual

S.I.T.H.: Synthetic Immediate Troubleshooting Humanoid

A.C.A.D.E.M.Y.: Artificial Cybernetic Android Designed for Exploration and Masterful Yelling

H.A.V.E.F.U.N.: Humanoid Assembled for Violence, Efficient Fighting and Ultimate Nullification

W.I.N.D.O.W.S.: Wireless Intelligent Neohuman Designed for Online Warfare and Sabotage

L.I.N.U.X.: Lifeform Intended for Nocturnal Ultimate Xenocide

M.A.C.I.N.T.O.S.H.: Mechanical Artificial Construct Intended for Nocturnal Troubleshooting, Observation and Scientific Harm

A.T.H.L.O.N.: Artificial Technician Hardwired for Logical Observation and Nullification

S.C.A.N.D.A.L.: Synthetic Cybernetic Android Normally for Destruction and Accurate Learning

ca sa zic.. site-ul asta provoca D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T.A.: Digital Electronic Person Engineered for Nocturnal Destruction, Efficient Nullification and Thorough Assassination tongue.gif

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quicKsh00T = Quantum Upgraded Individual Calibrated for Killing, Sabotage and Hazardous Troubleshooting

Link Mania = Lifelike Intelligent Neohuman Keen on Mathematics, Accurate Nullification and Immediate Assassination

Romania = Robotic Operational Machine Assembled for Nocturnal Infiltration and Assassination


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Prince - Positronic Robotic Infiltration and Nocturnal Calculation Entity

That's me ,dog !!

Becali - Biomechanical Electronic Construct Assembled for Logical Infiltration

Basescu - Biomechanical Artificial Soldier Engineered for Scientific Calculation and Utility

Numele meu - Being Optimized for Galactic Destruction and Accurate Nullification biggrin.gif

Voiculescu - Versatile Operational Individual Calibrated for Ultimate Learning, Efficient Sabotage and Ceaseless Utility

Oancea - Operational Artificial Nullification and Ceaseless Exploration Android

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R.I.D.I.C.K : puteti vedea la semnatura mea happy.gif

T.I.G.A.N.: Transforming Intelligent Galactic Assassination Neohuman

O.A.I.E.: Operational Android Intended for Exploration

F.I.R.E.F.O.X.: Functional Intelligent Replicant Engineered for Forbidden Observation and Xenocide

C.A.L.L.O.F.D.U.T.Y.: Cybernetic Artificial Lifeform Limited to Online Fighting, Dangerous Utility and Thorough Yelling

G.T.A.: Galactic Troubleshooting Android

S.T.E.F.A.N.O.V.I.C.: Synthetic Transforming Entity Fabricated for Accurate Nullification, Online Violence and Immediate Calculation

T.A.R.A.N.: Transforming Artificial Repair and Assassination Neohuman

A.O.L.E.X.: Artificial Operational Logical Exploration Xenomorph

C.H.E.A.T.S.: Cybernetic Humanoid Engineered for Assassination and Thorough Sabotage

G.O.D.: Galactic Observation Device


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Tot ceva in genu cu nume, intrati si o sa vedeti smile.gif

Click AICI


G is for Gorgeous

I is for Ideal

G is for Genius

I is for Intense

B is for Bashful

E is for Extraordinary

C is for Cheerful

A is for Adventurous

L is for Legendary

I is for Intelligent

Si asta se potriveste de minune 24.gif

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K is for Kinky

N is for Nice

D is for Distinguished

D is for Dainty

I is for Impassioned

M is for Modern

I is for Important

T is for Tender

R is for Remarkable

I is for Impassione

dar totusi mai interesant e site-ul propus de mine tongue.gif

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K.E.B.B.A.: Kinetic Electronic Basic Battle Android

H.O.R.U.S.: Humanoid Optimized for Repair and Ultimate Sabotage

A.B.B.E.H.K.: Artificial Biomechanical Being Engineered for Hazardous Killing

S.L.A.C.K.: Synthetic Lifelike Android Calibrated for Killing

S.A.I.N.T.: Synthetic Artificial Individual Normally for Troubleshooting


K is for Kinky

E is for Energetic

B is for Boisterous

B is for Brilliant

A is for Animated


H is for Handy

O is for Old

R is for Radiant

U is for Useful

S is for Spectacular


C.O.H.O.N.E.S.: Cybernetic Operational Humanoid Optimized for Nocturnal Exploration and Sabotage

E.M.I.N.E.M.: Electronic Mechanical Infiltration and Nocturnal Exploration Machine

T.U.P.A.C.: Transforming Unit Programmed for Assassination and Calculation

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POLITIA : Positonic Operational Lifeform Intented Thorough infiltration and Assassination

TAVI : Transforming Artificial Violence Individual

ZEU : Zealous Exploration unit

XELLOS : Xperimental Electronic Lifeform Limited to Online Sabotage

MAFIA : Mechanical Artificial Fighting and Infiltration Android

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M.A.Y.H.E.M.: Mechanical Artificial Yelling and Hazardous Exploration Machine

M.I.H.A.I.: Mechanical Intelligent Hazardous Assassination Individual

U.C.I.G.A.S.U.L.: Upgraded Cybernetic Individual Generated for Assassination, Sabotage and Ultimate Learning

G.A.Y.: General Artificial Youth

tare =))

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