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delete first class

delete - Yabba Dabba Duh

Long life Delete

Play delete, start living.

It's not a dream. delete is real!

I can't believe it's delete.

The best delete in the world.

I wish i was a delete.

I want delete and I want it now.

Fanii mei,vreti autograf? biggrin.gif

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Be alive with quicKsh00T

Long life quicKsh00T

Once quicKsh00T, always quicKsh00T

I belive in quicKsh00T

Feel good with quicKsh00T

Heal the wold with quicKsh00T

You,re in good hands with quicKsh00T

quicKsh00T, your family will love you

quicKsh00T never lies

The wonder has a name: quicKsh00T

Ooh la la, quicKsh00T


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«Admins? Yes please.»

la admini...

«Nobody doesn't like Horus.

asta's eu

«Are you ready for Kebba?»<---e bun asta !!!

«And on the eighth day, god created Counter-Strike.»COREEEEEEEECT !@!!! LOOOOL biggrin.gif

«rds, your way!» hihiih biggrin.gif

«cheater, the smart choice.»aici a gresit happy.gif

I lost weight with Moderators.»

«Kick ass with Moderators!»

«Kebba it's a kind of magic.»

«Kebba is the best!» aici a nimerit-o happy.gif

«There's a bit of Slick in all of us.»

«There's only one true Popeye!»

«nwradu is what the world was waiting for.

«Bu||ete, the original.»

«gEB, where success is at home.»

«It's time to think about Gandallph.»

«Scorpio - You see this name, you think dirty.»

«Worldclass Senzo!»

nu am mai bagat admini ca poate ma luati la injuraturi....":D

aici am bagat women«Be inspired by women.»

«There's only one thing in the world I want and that is Call of Duty.»

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«KND - first class!» - asta cand am scris KND

«Dimitri - One name. One legend.» - Dimitri

«Dimitri keeps going, and going, and going...»

«Are you ready for Dimitri?»

«S.C.A.N.D.A.L, the secret of women.»

«Food or Iepurasul Tzup Tzup? I'll have Iepurasul Tzup Tzup.» - cea ma tare faza!

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«Mr. Linky... whatever you want.»

«Mr. Linky. Making people sucessful in a changing world.»

«Break through with Mr. Linky.»

«The Power of Mr. Linky.»

«Mr. Linky's got it all!»

«Every Mr. Linky has a story.»

«Mr. Linky it's a kind of magic.»

«The queen buys Mr. Linky.»

«The Mr. Linky look.»

«Mr. Linky, where success is at home.»

«Mr. Linky for your health.»

«Mr. Linky innovate your world.»

«Mr. Linkytastic!»

«Mr. Linky - Yabba Dabba Duh!» 24.gif

«I love Mr. Linky.» wub.gif

«Go farther with Mr. Linky.»

«I quit smoking with Mr. Linky.» bananaloool7qc.gif

«You don't want Mr. Linky as your enemy!» new_snipersmilie.gif

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«Jayzzz - it's like heaven!»

«Always the real thing, always Jayzzz.»

«Long life Jayzzz.»

«It's time to think about Jayzzz.»

«Jayzzz, created by nature.»

«The Jayzzz effect.»

«Jayzzz can do.»

«Share moments, share Jayzzz.»

Ultima chiar ca-i porcarie laugh.gif

Fac shi cu altele:

«The secret of Jee Jee.»

«Worldclass Becali!»

«My pu!a, your pu!a, pu!a for all!»

«Linkmania is a female force.» laugh.gif

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«You can't beat YoMaaaN.»

«YoMaaaN brings out the best.»

«Halleluja, it's a YoMaaaN.»

«Worldclass YoMaaaN!»

«Don't mess with sNaKey.»

«Play sNaKey, start living.»

«sNaKey, where success is at home.»

«I'd sleep with sNaKey.»

i like !

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