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O mica intrebare...

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Ok deci eu jucam pe server cand era s1 cand de abia il deschisese ma rog am luat 99 bla bla povesti.

Acum de cand e s2 vad ca nu prea mai conteaza jwl ci toata lumea vrea poh cob bog si as vrea sa stiu si eu ce sunt aceste poh cob si bog unde pica si la ce folosesc...

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poh = piece of horn

cob = claw of beast

bog = bless of guardian

(nici eu nu tin minte numele totdeauna...mai intreb cand sunt dupa somn :D )

ultimele 2 pica in crywolf iar detalii despre prima gasesti la informatii>faq sezon 2

bafta !

Si eu ma uitam chioras pe global si citeam "vand sign pe poh". In my mind era ceva de genu: wtf is poh? power of hobbits? @_@

and closed. xD

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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