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Mai bun ca ES

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Ce oameni jur.. cum sa nu radeti la asta

- do not drink or eat it

- do not burn people with it

- do not burn down trees and grass in your yard

- do not torture little woodland creatures with it

- do not remove it from its original container

- do not store outside of 0-100 degrees farenheit

- do not exceed normal barometric pressures

- do not use it as fuel for your car

- do not shower with your napalm

- do not yell at it

- do not taunt it

- do not call it names

- do not sacrifice animals/people to your napalm

- do not sniff the fumes from it

- do not use it to block yourself from fires

- do not do anything besides stare at it

=)) this site is made by ilegal immigrants :))

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