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Uitati-va putin aici

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Take a look here

First sa va uitati mai jos in pagina ... e un articol de 2 pagini si e destul de interesant

Second , ce parere aveti


That hadn?t occurred to Shane Pittman, a former high-ranking member of Razor 1911, an online game piracy ring.

“It didn?t seem like stealing,” he says. “Physically, I couldn?t see an attachment to anyone.”

In late 2001, Pittman was on the job, working as an IT administrator in Hickory, N.C., when he got the call from the FBI. They were outside the house he shared with his wife, two kids and a cat ? and they had a warrant.

The resulting raid on Pittman?s house, which was part of a larger federal sting called Operation Buccaneer, netted seven computers and boxes upon boxes of burned CDs. Pittman pled guilty to conspiracy to commit copyright infringement and served 18 months in a federal prison.

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