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HAHA ce tare :D

«Ghiba, the secret of women.»

«Ghiba, better than sex.»

«Ghiba, the real thing.»

«Share moments, share Ghiba.»

«Ghiba, in touch with tomorrow.»

«Ghiba - living innovation»

«When you say Ghiba you've said it all.» ROFL :))

«Praise Ghiba.» OMG :D concurez cu dumnezeu :D

«Ghiba, created by nature.»

«Pure Ghiba. Pure Power.»

gata ajunge :D prea tare oricum :D

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«zeal - be ready.»

«zeal empowers you.»

«Let's zeal!»

«zeal it's a kind of magic.»

«zeal - a class of it's own»

«zeal - enjoy the difference.»

etc ^^ nice site

cred ca sti ca aiic este omniprezentul virus ^_^

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No Daedalus, no kiss. :D

I wish i had a Daedalus. :lol: Acuma sunt substantiv comun...

Don't mess with Daedalus. :blink:

Swing your Daedalus. =))

There's only one true Daedalus! :)

Praise Daedalus. OMG :rofl1:

Daedalus for president. Asta ar fi tare :D

Stay cool with Daedalus. Dooh parca as fi speed-stick. =))

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IPB Image

^ asta-i mandra :D ...

«dev, the clever way.»

«Made by dev.»

«dev's like heaven.»

«Bigger. Better. dev.»

«The dev effect.»

«There's a bit of dev in all of us.»

«Jesus loves Devil.» - asta-i penala ... ( am pus si Devil ... sa vad )

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