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Qui-Gon Jinn

Hai la pepeni

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merg eu sa cumpar pepenii aia mai mici de la tanti biggrin.gif

na bine bine money da care le cumparam ? aia 2 in 1? biggrin.gif

p.s.: asta a vb serios:"With all my respect,i don`t agree your opinion.First of all,you say that a lot of childs from romania don`t have sexual education(no shit).The big problem is romania are people like you,who belive that is normal to see on the street naked people.

If you wish to know,is not normal at all.Ok,i agree to see a naked person in special places,is no problem for me...but on the street...come on!!!

Wahat mean ``sexual education`` for you???

PLease answer me."??????

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