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  1. true-detective-season-3.jpg.26f47e1592973e280a9d379606f12aa2.jpg

    3 episoade pana acum... :peace:

  2. That moment when u hate something, play it and end up loving it...yep fortnite is fun 

  3. Sărbători fericite tuturor :peace:❤️

  4. Going to the Aquaman movie tonight, i've heard a lot of good things about the movie and i can't wait to see it, hope it's not a disappointment. :peace:


  5. 4202be8.gif.143ab00fc565fc8dc5ce7cc3c7804a68.gif

    When Kratos found out that Fortnite won Game of the Year

  6. 1839466784_halloween2018trailermain(Custom).png.2732146e155d55ded44c0af7d385b98f.png

    Who's excited? cuz sure i am :peace:❤️ 20:40

  7. I made this :3 😄


  8. actually music 😉


  9. Chicken noggerssss

  10. Focking normies... REEEEEEEEEEE

  11. ey bruh

    1. StaLpu


      ayee, wazzuppp

      n-am murit, stai linistit :)))

    2. Alexx


      u mdfk nu mai scri nimic :))

      See ya in dm's betch

  12. Htler did nothing wrong, besides losing the war 

    1. Roxor


      sugemiai bila

    2. Alexx


      choke on my D and die betch 😉

  13. 121127-header.jpg.39285fb8936c4ead437cf84fb758513d.jpg

    Good ol' DOOM :ve-rocket-launcher:

  14. Making two possibilities a reality,
    Predicting the future of things we all know,
    Fighting off the diseased programming
    Of centuries, centuries, centuries, centuries
    Science fails to recognize the single most
    Potent element of human existence
    Letting the reigns go to the unfolding
    Is faith, faith, faith, faith
    Science has failed our world
    Science has failed our Mother Earth
  15. Country roads, take me home
    To the place I belong
    West Virginia, mountain mama
    Take me home, country roads

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